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Mistakes, I’ve made a few

I used to think that things going wrong at an event, was an indication of my ability as an Events Manager – I would come away from any experience potentially weaker than stronger. I would take each and every incident to heart, and in doing so let it eat away at me until I became so overly critical that I had missed the point completely.

And what is that point?

It doesn’t matter how well an event goes, or how well you think it has gone – there is always something to learn from each and every event that we do. Each client is different, their expectations vary too and with that, we can only work towards ensuring that as many of our bases are covered as possible. There still may well be an occasion when something goes awry. How we deal with that at the time, to make certain that our guests are aware of as little of the drama as possible – is what then creates a feeling of both safety and security on the part of our clients, that we can deal with the unforeseen and that next time around we will be even better prepared for what may come up.

Those in the industry that think they know it all don’t tend to last all that long – as no one will ever be able to tell them that they were wrong, and it is unlikely that their work is so outstanding that the client will be willing to let that attitude pass – rather feeling that next time around they can find a more flexible personality to work with. My best advice would be to meet any problems head on – own up and take responsibility if a challenge that arises is directly your responsibility, and note down how things were handled and what lessons can be learnt, if it wasn’t.

Take the experience and let it make you stronger.


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