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When a good idea gets a knock back

I met a really cool lady this week, who was working on behalf of a high end transportation app  – not necessarily the newest idea out there, but something executed really well and something I felt that I could integrate in to my business packages as an added value element that no one else would be using. Now in the world of transportation and hotels, there is always the need to think about the concierge department, and how anything that might take away from their ability to service the guests – after all, no point in robbing Peter, just to pay Paul – but I thought I had covered my bases when approaching my boss with the idea, figured I had the answers to all the potential questions.

Alas not

Currently at this time, and for reasons I will leave to one side, I am required to build up a certain amount of courage in advance of taking an idea to my boss – but to give credit where it is due this time around, the idea was granted with positivity, if not pushed back on for reasons I understand, and felt were not worth pushing further. My idea could still work from a different angle – but there is always that challenge internally, when you think you have a great idea, and yet for whatever reason someone else does not.

So what to do?

Well, the initial answer is easy. Don’t ever stop having the ideas and putting them before your own decision makers. In the event that it gets a push back, you never quite know how things will go down the line, and whether or not your yourself can use the same or a different version of the same idea at a later date, or be the front runner for passing it to someone who can. The challenge is if, from knock back after knock back, you decide next time around that not having the idea is easier – then there is cause for concern. Don’t be that person…..


One response to “When a good idea gets a knock back

  1. To para-phrase Rockie Balboa, the reason we get knocked back is so we can show how we get back up.


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