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Out With The Old and In With The New – so long 2012


There comes a time at the end of the year when we breathe a collective sigh of relief  – as the final event draws to a close and we are able to get a little RnR before the whole things kicks off again only a short time after. Not so much this year. For me, as the year draws to a close, so my final event of the year will be reaching a crescendo – and as the new year commences, so too does my event continue long in to the night. Eleven months ago, suggesting a New Years Eve Wedding seemed like a good idea…..kind of.

But this year has been about so much more than just the end. During the entire year we have had an opportunity to look forward to, and be a part of, some amazing events, and none more so that my personal highlight, the Olympics (as I am sure it was for so many). It was probably the only time this year I have truly felt like myself, able to pull together a combination of skills that were balanced and poised to the point of perfection – don’t misunderstand, the games and all of the work that went in to making them happen for us was a team effort all round – but for me, there was a genuine sense of purpose and the chance to be reminded what I am good at and why I got in to this crazy world in the first place.

I foresee big things for next year. The past twelve months have allowed me to see a lot of my life more clearly, and as I look back I am confident that I can take the pieces of one puzzle – the learning tools I need to grow, and add them to a new picture which will continue to develop over the coming twelve months. I have an amazing partner in Sarah who will become my wife and I have two amazing kids who continue to grow up too fast and still manage to wind me up no end – but angelic when asleep….both of whom I am so proud of.

There are things about this year I would have changed and things I will do my best to address as soon as I can within the New Year. I owe a lot to the last twelve months as a glimpse through the looking glass and in to a world of what I do not want to be, and sometimes taking away any lesson learnt through negative experiences is much more powerful – and worthwhile if it can help to shape your future. They will.

Some people this year have surprised me, some disappointed. There have been new friends made and the return of old. Confidence has been shot, built up and shot again….overall though, I think the things I will remember most about 2012 are being reminded that the greatest risk is to risk nothing at all and that you need to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

New year, new outlook – same me. Thank you 2012, as Vinnie said so well in that well known flick – it’s been emotional.


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