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New Year, New Goal – different but the same


So 2013 is upon us and as most people do at this time of year, we spend time thinking about our goals and objectives for the coming months – how can we better ourselves and the environments in which we work? When reading about goals there is a lot to be said for the SMART approach – and for anyone that has had this acronym thrown at them time and time again it is all very “corporate” – and for the creative something possibly a little to rigid in framework……

That said, there is no doubt that we all need something to strive for, something to be matched against and ideally something to be rewarded for exceeding. So what of it then, mine and yours – who, what, when and just how far to stretch?

People, profit and product….

People – Marriage, finally….Sarah and I will, at some point make that happen this year. Likely trouble ahead as we aim to make things as small as possible and in doing so no doubt ruffle a few feathers. Gretna Green awaits?, or even Vagas – but in either case it will be about the two of us celebrating together with the closest of friends and a good bottle of red.

In addition, and of course somewhat cheesy – but with the young ones getting older I would like to find a little additional patience this year. My nine year old is going on 25 and my seven year old knows just how to rub me up the wrong way. At the end of the day though, they represent everything I could hope for in two amazing individuals that are real loves of my life.

Product – This too has an element of personal and business to it. I can’t really say much on either for now but I hope that “as soon as” I will share where I can. Product “me” as much as anything else, but who we are, what we stand for and what we are willing to do in order to better ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. I can say that towards the end of 2012 I learnt a very important lesson. Striving to reach the stars is fine, but on occasion the journey needs to be broken down in to smaller bite size pieces. We all have a day job to manage whilst also trying to secure the dream…..BUT DONT GIVE UP ON THE DREAM!!

Profit. Need I say more? It is a tough market out there but I do believe that within this tough world of late the real stars do shine out and it is as times like this that we can really see the stars amongst us. The rest one would hope should therefore fall in to place. And if it doesn’t – see the previous point.

I would love to hear your goals and ideas for 2013 – creatively we live in an amazing time where ideas are only the start – All around us there are opportunities and as my old boss used to say – “keep it simple stupid”


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