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Running before you can walk – who Doesn’t want to be an Event Manager?


I have it a lot – people who drop me an email asking about how best to become an events manager, or even internally when a vacancy becomes available – everyone who in any way fancies a bit of the glamour an events team can provide – expresses an interest in mixing with the great and the good and working on a high profile event of one sort or another.

The simple truth is this. For the most part there is little glitz, no glamour and one thing that can turn you off wanting to work in a people environment… working with people

However, there can be something even more dangerous…..something a teacher somewhere used to tell me, and one of those motherly sayings you never forget;

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

You know when you used to watch Gladiator on TV, or WWE – when the message “Do not try this at home” would come up…..of course, at some point and having made your own set of weapons for “fun fighting with your younger sibling” you would give it a go and invariably, with blood everywhere and a tooth missing it would all end in tears. The same is true with the events world. There are certain criteria which, if you have them, can be the basis for a very strong foundation in the events world. These can be built on and honed in to fine tools with which to ply your trade….

Relationship management
Good under pressure
Patient… name but a few

However, they are not the be all and end all – and organising one party for “Aunty Joan” – or dare I say it, going on a weeks course to learn “how to….” is not the answer and “doth not maketh the man” (or woman for that matter)

There seem to be more and more courses out there at the moment that people want to pay big money for which are not the answer to a career in the events world, and as it happens can actually be harmful to both the industry and the clients with whom you are working. A massive part of the events we work on are the unforeseens, the experiences and how we deal with them – and ultimately it isn’t about the money. There are excellent organisers out there who cost a lot of money to employ. Can I vouch for all of them, of course not – but I can say that when you wear a Primark sweater, at some point you will know it is a Primark sweater. The same can be said for Gucci loafers…..I am sure you get my drift.

If you truly want a life as an events manager then make some contacts, speak to real people about their real experiences, and be honest enough with yourself to not think that one week of anything is enough to then be let out in to the wide world – if you want it enough then putting in the work is part of the ladder upwards. I don’t want to sound pompous – and you know what?, I would be happy to speak with you, give me a call.


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