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The Morning After The Night Before – Damage


Sometimes things click in to place, and in cases just when you thought they would not – a difficult client, extended periods of back and forth and that niggling feeling that however hard you try it just won’t be good enough.

And yet, on the day itself and whilst not meaning to sound dramatic – against all odds, things come together and an event takes place that is almost faultless…….almost.

However good a party might have been, the morning after the night before is when someone has to clear up and in cases, find the damage that may have been hidden under carpet, behind false wall or underneath low slung cushion.

What to do?

Well as I am sure you are well aware, as supplier or venue, paperwork galore is filled out in advance of all works taking place and all the details required for method statements and risk assessments alike – page after page…..who is responsible for what and names required of just who will be on site and when – workers, crew, staff – you name it and in most cases the venue needs it – including in cases photos and what you had for breakfast that morning.

The point though is a serious one. Possible damage aside, most venues have to move from one day to the next through a series of events and time is not available to fix everything that might have been battered and bruised the night before. Even more though, is the point that in cases – although in my experience they are few and far between – some people just don’t care about the space they are working in. They find themselves more concerned with cutting corners and hoping a small scratch here and they may go un-noticed.

The advice then is simple. It doesn’t matter if the company is large or small, experienced or new – if they work with you time and time again or not, nor whether they are recommended by your most important client…..always make sure you are covered and all paperwork is completed in a timely manner and reviewed. If you are working directly with a client and you employ the company yourself on their behalf then in  most cases you will be held accountable for the damage (the paperwork they have signed is the best you can hope for in order to ensure they are accountable). If the company is contracted by the client themselves then it may be for them to start chasing for payment of the damage. In all cases it is a slow and possibly reputation damaging process.

Have you ever had a really tough time when having worked on an event the aftermath was something that you had to manage? How did you cope?


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