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A New Dawn, A New Day


WOW!, on to new beginnings. I am really excited to be able to write this post, the first as Owner and Creative Director for WHiTEPAPER event.

There are a lot of great planners out there, and a mass of readily available information for the soon to be bride (possibly too much depending on who you ask). This blog however won’t see you being bombarded with even more information nor creating an ever-increasing feeling of anxiety, as you realise just how much work there is still to go as part of the creation for your truly one-off spectacular.

For me, back when I really took the plunge and decided that writing a blog would be a good idea (thank you again to my amazing friend Jodie at Shoes of Prey) it was about taking a look at the events world and trying to reference it back to real life lessons that I hope would aid in making me a better planner.

So, and in keeping with that, I hope that through the blog you will get a better idea of who I am and just what is important to me. I can not stress enough just how essential it is, to be able to build strong and lasting relationships with my clients – many of whom I am now privileged to call friends. Moving forward I hope I can do the same with you.

Thank you for visiting the site, Twitter, Facebook – the blog! and I really look forward to sharing time with you.


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