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Your thoughts. Different Sides to the Same Coin?

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The below is an excerpt from a blog post that was written by an overseas wedding planner and I think that it rings very true when trying to highlight some of the education that goes in to assisting brides and their families understand the value of using a planner.

A Planner Works For You, a Banquet Manager Does Not: It’s important for couples to understand that when banquet managers or site coordinators tells them that the venue comes with a coordinator/planner, it’s certainly not a lie, but it’s often very misleading. It’s especially easy to get these confused when you are not in the industry. Most couples do not know the different responsibilities associated with the different job titles. The number one misconception is that banquet managers work for you. The reality is that they are hired by the venue to perform tasks that allow them to make sure that the event runs smoothly on behalf of the venue, but they are not there to assist you in your overall wedding decision process.

Responsibilities Are Different:  A site coordinator’s main responsibilities involve keeping track of time during your events, ensuring proper set up as established by the bride or planner, managing the wait staff, catering liaison, and other venue-elated tasks that are pivotal to the success of the event. Planners on the other hand, are there with you every step of the way. From the moment we meet to the moment you walk down the aisle. We orchestrate all of your details, manage your vendors, create and manage budgets and timelines, assist with contract negotiations, manage the venue selection process, and other countless important details.

Now, I have worked both sides of the coin and I can tell you that at a certain level and with a certain type of client, the expectation is that as the “Banquet manager” you will be there for the client every step of the way on their wedding journey. Are there limitations with the service you can offer from behind a desk – maybe? but I would argue that when coming to a true 5* venue, the lines are somewhat blurry as to where the responsibility of the venue ends and that of the planner begins.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject and as a bride – what do you feel when approaching a venue with the thought that they will be able to be with you every step of the way?


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