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Stopping for Breath


Here I am, with what seems to be the briefest of moments to breathe – and an opportunity to reflect all be it momentarily, on a very crazy few weeks.

We all spend time in one way or another playing a game of “if only” in our minds;

“If only I had A, B or C everything would be different”
“If only this would happen then I would be able to do that”
“If only, If only…..”

It really has been a wonderful set of weeks for me personally and professionally. I went from looking to finding on a work front and at the same time, managing the creation of my own wedding this past week gone – all be it in full partnership with Sarah, as we realised our Chic Afternoon Tea wedding Celebration for 30 of our closest friends.

The challenge then lies in the world of balance. One of the things to strike me since branching out on my own, is just how little time there really seems to be in the day – as you have one “blink and it’s over moment” after another. It is an odd catch 22, to spend whatever time you have initially, looking for a continued level of work, before finding it and then having no time to look for what comes next. I think that in the events world in which we work there will always need to be a balance of sorts. Of course, whilst concentrating on the here and now there has to be your own management of the future. What we have to be careful about is not neglecting what we have because we immediately shift focus on to what we think we then need to find.

My experience has taught me that you never know what is around the corner, and you have to take a view on every opportunity and just what it may lead to. Dismiss nothing but keep focused – be open to everything, but don’t “waste time”. Most of all though, maybe the best advise I can offer is to do everything you can to breathe – to not panic and smile – always smile….and enjoy the here and now that you have earned through your hard work.


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