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There are shoes, and then there are SHOES


I met a friend this week, who informed me that she has in her closet, over 120 pairs of shoes! Now, I am fully aware that there can never be enough shoes – or handbags – for those most discerning women for whom style means everything – but what about the boys? Well, I can report that I have 30 pairs – maybe, of shoes and sneakers, something for every occasion and piled in a way that ensures Sarah is constantly reminding me that I need to go through them and chuck those I don’t wear much anymore (unlikely given their sentimental value alone!).

Still, I do love shoes and what to do then when it comes to the most special day of the year and a pair of “going to be in them for hours” killer heels? I avoided this problem – yellow converse – comfy, and matched with a lovely deep blue 2 piece suit and vintage tie – I blended in well with both Sarah in her 1930’s dress and to our Afternoon Tea Chic themed day.

Some advice then, for those brides out there wondering what needs to be considered when shopping for the Cinderella fabled Glass Slippers;
  1. Pick shoes that will work well based on where you will be getting married and in part, the time of year. Think grass over cobbles, puddles, sand and distance.
  2. Don’t wait. Shoes follows dress and ensure that you take the time to bed the shoes in rather than wearing them for the first time on the day itself.
  3. Think heel height. Think walking. Think back up pair – matched and ballet pump for dancing. Think 6ft in heels and your 5.8 hubbie to be. Think “do they have to be this high?”. Think chic over trashy. Ensure you take your shoes with you to any bridal fittings.
  4. You want white?. Have a “Dulux moment” and remember there are different shades of white. In fact, why not go colourful – a splash of yellow, green or blue? And be careful of those extra special touches – bling is good, most of the time.
  5. Pedicure – do I really need to say anymore?
  6. Like most things – what works for you. louboutin, Choo or Blanik – M and S, Dune and ASOS. Your day, your shoe

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