a little bit of past

so, the mind does boggle – to think back to those wonder years, when summer nights never seemed to end, and neither did the boundless energy that came with football games in the street and the smell of the freshly laid tar on the road where grandma used to live

we look back over time and think about how much fun it was, whilst forgetting to remember the times such as these, when the pressures of infants sports day, and the bar we would be setting for ourselves moving forward – defining who we would be for many years to come, and ensuring that we didn’t get picked last at P.E every week

whilst admitting I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking when this photo was taken, I am sure that somewhere in the creative brain I now possess, forethought told me that yellow shorts would be in fashion for many years and that a retrospective look back at my life aged 35 would provide the insight to a trend setting 8 year old

who knows, but I can say this;

There is little doubt that the people we are today, are chiseled out forms of the blocks of stone we once were, slowly chipped away to form both rough and smooth edges, a mix of good and bad memory that both drives and haunts us through our every day lives. We think we know how to better ourselves, and tell the world that tomorrow is the day that I really make a difference

I owe a lot to that sports day, when, thanks to four sisters I rocked the skipping race (I’m not embarrassed and if it weren’t too, for an unfortunate incident with my egg I would have been shoo in for a clean sweep) – for when I look back today, sitting at a desk and thinking about life and where she and I have come to at this point, I smile – and remember the feelings of freedom I felt, the fact that nothing seemed to far out of reach, and that there was always a second way to see the world…….


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